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Jun 19, 2018

Cristina Edmunds is a woman who wears many hats—a singer, a songwriter, a music therapist, a fitness instructor, a blogger, a daughter, a twin, a wife, and a mom to a beautiful, special needs son. Cristina's son, Oscar, was born with a rare chromosomal genetic mutation that has required multiple surgical procedures, NICU stays, and regular physical, occupational, and speech therapy. He is globally developmentally delayed and tube fed. So life and motherhood is... complicated. But Cristina believes that all life is complicated and, ultimately, just what we make of it. In her blog, It's Not Too Complicated, Cristina shares her experiences in balancing her life and many roles, as well as her son's life. Here is her mission statement:

I am dedicated to not only spreading awareness for families like mine, living with rare diseases, but also releasing the stigma of words like "special needs", "disabled", and "handicapped". It is my mission to provide a safe space for discussion, advocacy, and storytelling with a focus on the intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships in special needs families. I hope to educate others with my story, promote empathy and kindness, and serve my fellow special needs community with the knowledge I have, and will continue to gather, to the best of my ability.

Having a child with special needs is a particularly stressful, challenging, and incredibly humbling experience. In this honest and open interview, Cristina opens up about her experiences as a mother to Oscar and the challenges she has faced medically and in her personal life, as well as the importance of having a positive mindset and attitude in dealing with difficult situations. It was truly a reminder to us all that life, really, is not too complicated.



  • What led Cristina to start her website, It's Not Too Complicated
  • Cristina's experience in moving to Birmingham with her husband and their medically complex son, Oscar
  • The importance of taking charge of your own medical experience
  • Cristina’s experience as a new mom to a child with a lot of medical needs and a husband in law school
  • How Cristina’s attitude influenced her journey
  • Cristina’s approach to her marriage and how she and her husband have approached their relationship
  • What her self-care looks like
  • What has shaped Cristina's positive mindset and attitude?
  • Plus much more…




When Bad Things Happen to Good People, by Harold Kushner


Connect with Cristina:

Website: It’s Not Too Complicated

Instagram: @itsnottoocomplicated

Facebook: It’s not too Complicated



“Life is as complicated as you make it.”


“I think it’s been really helpful to see how you can take charge of your own medical experience.”


“I try not to use the word ‘normal’ because ... what’s normal?”


“It’s never linear. I don’t always feel positive.”


“Nobody chooses to have illness, whether it’s mental or physical.”





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