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Shadowlight: Subconscious Transformation, Holistic Healing, Emotional Resilience, Personal Activism, Mental Health, Mindset, Spirituality, Biohacking, Trauma, Personal Growth

May 10, 2019

Millana Snow is an energy healer and founder and CEO of, an online community and marketplace revolutionizing the wellness industry by democratizing holistic wellness for practitioners and brands globally. She is also the host of This Is Wellness with Millana Snow, Dash Radio’s first wellness show.

Former actress and model for Project Runway, Millana left the limelight to pursue her calling as a spiritual worker and healer. Millana is passionate about pushing the boundaries of holistic health in the mainstream, as a practitioner she's on a mission to normalize energy healing and empower people to seek to heal themselves by exploring and expanding deeper consciousness in their everyday lives.

Millana is a true powerhouse, as a woman, a healer, an entrepreneur, and in all things she shows up for. She is the real deal - I have been so moved by her presence and her practice (seriously, y’all… book a session!) and I know you will be too!



  • Millana’s career path and spiritual path, and how they have merged
  • How all of her life/career/spiritual experiences are integrating to make a huge impact as a healer and as an entrepreneur
  • The healing modalities she uses in her practice, including reiki and breathwork (obvi)
  • Millana’s dark night of the soul… and how she used it as fuel to flip her life around
  • What it really takes to bring yourself to the next level (hint: radical self-responsibility and doing the work. Sexy, no?)
  • The importance of investing in your Self
  • Spiritual bypassing, when you are actually using spirituality / wellness / “being a good person” as a mask
  • All about her new business / platform for practitioners,
  • The importance of healers and spiritual practitioners to thrive financially
  • The balance of operating both a business and a practice = supporting and being supported
  • What inclusion and diversity really looks like in wellness
  • Plus so much more...



Hounds of Love - Olesya Rulin

Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsch


Connect with Millana:

Website: //

Instagram: @millanasnow // @wellnessofficial


(8:34) “I was so disconnected from my own feelings. I was so disconnected from how I was moving through the world. I knew that I was doing my best to be a good person, I knew that I was constantly seeking and studying spiritual practices, but I didn’t actually know that I was sad.”


(17:41) “I knew that I needed to take my self-education to another level because clearly I was not able to handle what I had stepped into to the extent to which was called for… but at the same time it was also the best gift.”


(25:39) “I made the choice at 10 that I’m a leader, I’m not a follower. So over the years, when I would study spirituality, and I would have these downloads and messages, I believed that was true for me and that’s it. I’m not going to listen to what somebody has to say about whether it is true or not. If I see it in my mind, that’s it.”


(26:19) “In those moments where you have literally the lowest moments of your life, you really have to dig in and be like, who really am I? And if I actually am that person, I have to show up that way. And that energy is a boundless, infinite well of power.”


(35:40) “Wellness is for everyone. All shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds, all languages, all spiritual and religious beliefs, everybody gets in on this. That’s what I’m excited about seeing with wellness going mainstream.”


(44:45) “You realize that this is an investment and you are literally changing your life. That’s what I am about; I’m about changing our lives so we can be who we came here to be. So, I’m willing to invest in that. And those who are aligned with that vibration of, like, yo I want to be and feel and do who I came into this physical body to be, feel, and do, that’s freaking worth the investment… whatever that is.”




Website: Bryanna Dee

Instagram: @bryannasayingthings