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Shadowlight: Subconscious Transformation, Holistic Healing, Emotional Resilience, Personal Activism, Mental Health, Mindset, Spirituality, Biohacking, Trauma, Personal Growth

Jun 26, 2019

Here is the long anticipated episode all about human design! Those of y’all who have been tuning in for a while know how obsessed I am… I often talk about it in episodes and so many have asked for more info. The time has arrived!

Erin Claire is an expert in Human Design and a leadership coach who uses Human Design...

Jun 18, 2019

Stefanos Sifandos is a coach and teacher of all things healthy masculinity, sacred union, and living in a place of heart-mind(ful) balance. Stefanos brings so much wisdom and embodied experience to his teachings; he has traversed the depths of his own pain and fears to overcome destructive patterns in his life, he has...